Product calorie table

Convenient, simple and complete calorie table of products, it will help to accurately calculate caloric content and find out the other components of any pro

Product calorie table
Product Weight (g) Water Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Calories
Acidophilus milk 0.81Water 0.02Proteins 0.03Fats 0.1Carbohydrates 0.83Calories
Almond cake 0.096Water 0.066Proteins 0.358Fats 0.468Carbohydrates 5.24Calories
Almonds 0.04Water 0.186Proteins 0.577Fats 0.136Carbohydrates 6.45Calories
Apple juice -Water 0.005Proteins 0.001Fats 0.101Carbohydrates 0.46Calories
Apples 0.865Water 0.004Proteins -Fats 0.113Carbohydrates 0.46Calories
Apricot juice -Water 0.005Proteins -Fats 0.127Carbohydrates 0.55Calories
Apricots 0.86Water 0.009Proteins -Fats 0.105Carbohydrates 0.46Calories
Asparagus -Water 0.019Proteins 0.001Fats -Carbohydrates 0.2Calories
Avocado -Water 0.02Proteins 0.15Fats 0.09Carbohydrates 1.6Calories
Bagels 0.17Water 0.104Proteins 0.013Fats 0.687Carbohydrates 3.12Calories
Bananas 0.74Water 0.015Proteins -Fats 0.224Carbohydrates 0.91Calories
Baranja Heart 0.785Water 0.135Proteins 0.025Fats -Carbohydrates 0.82Calories
Barley grits 0.14Water 0.104Proteins 0.013Fats 0.717Carbohydrates 3.22Calories
Bean 0.14Water 0.22Proteins 0.01Fats 0.54Carbohydrates 3.09Calories
Beans 0.83Water 0.06Proteins 0.001Fats 0.083Carbohydrates 0.58Calories
Beef 0.67Water 0.18Proteins 0.12Fats -Carbohydrates 1.87Calories
Beef Brains 0.789Water 0.095Proteins 0.095Fats -Carbohydrates 1.24Calories
Beef Heart 0.79Water 0.15Proteins 0.03Fats -Carbohydrates 0.87Calories
Beef kidneys 0.827Water 0.125Proteins -Fats 0.018Carbohydrates 0.66Calories
Beef liver 0.729Water 0.174Proteins 0.031Fats -Carbohydrates 0.98Calories
Beef stew 0.63Water 0.168Proteins 0.183Fats -Carbohydrates 2.32Calories
Beef tripe -Water 0.148Proteins 0.042Fats -Carbohydrates 0.97Calories
Beef udder 0.726Water 0.123Proteins 0.137Fats -Carbohydrates 1.73Calories
Beer dark -Water 0.003Proteins -Fats 0.057Carbohydrates 0.48Calories
Beer light -Water 0.003Proteins -Fats 0.046Carbohydrates 0.42Calories
Beet 0.865Water 0.017Proteins -Fats 0.108Carbohydrates 0.48Calories
Biscuit cake 0.21Water 0.047Proteins 0.093Fats 0.844Carbohydrates 3.44Calories
Black coffee -Water 0.002Proteins 0.005Fats 0.002Carbohydrates 0.07Calories
Black elderberry -Water 0.007Proteins 0.005Fats 0.114Carbohydrates 0.73Calories
black olives 8.4Water 0.022Proteins 0.105Fats 0.05Carbohydrates 1.15Calories
Black-chokeberry 0.805Water 0.015Proteins -Fats 0.12Carbohydrates 0.54Calories
Blackberry 0.88Water 0.02Proteins -Fats 0.053Carbohydrates 0.33Calories
Blackcurrant 0.85Water 0.01Proteins -Fats 0.08Carbohydrates 0.4Calories
Blackthorn -Water 0.015Proteins 0.003Fats 0.094Carbohydrates 0.54Calories
Blue whiting 0.813Water 0.161Proteins 0.009Fats -Carbohydrates 0.72Calories
Blueberries 0.865Water 0.011Proteins -Fats 0.086Carbohydrates 0.4Calories
Blueberry 0.882Water 0.01Proteins -Fats 0.077Carbohydrates 0.37Calories
Boiled chicken egg -Water 0.127Proteins 0.115Fats 0.007Carbohydrates 1.57Calories
Boiled sausage 0.64Water 0.1Proteins 0.2Fats 0.018Carbohydrates 2.28Calories
Bran -Water 0.17Proteins 0.07Fats 0.66Carbohydrates 2.46Calories
Bread Millet. flour 1 grade 0.343Water 0.077Proteins 0.024Fats 0.534Carbohydrates 2.54Calories
Breakfast Tourist (beef) 0.669Water 0.205Proteins 0.104Fats -Carbohydrates 1.76Calories
Breakfast Tourist (pork) 0.656Water 0.169Proteins 0.154Fats -Carbohydrates 2.06Calories
Bream 0.777Water 0.171Proteins 0.041Fats -Carbohydrates 1.05Calories
Broccoli -Water 0.03Proteins 0.004Fats 0.052Carbohydrates 0.28Calories
Buckwheat 0.14Water 0.095Proteins 0.019Fats 0.722Carbohydrates 3.26Calories
Buckwheat unground 0.14Water 0.126Proteins 0.026Fats 0.68Carbohydrates 3.29Calories
Burbot 0.793Water 0.188Proteins 0.006Fats -Carbohydrates 0.81Calories
Butter 0.158Water 0.006Proteins 0.825Fats 0.009Carbohydrates 7.48Calories
Butter cakes 0.261Water 0.076Proteins 0.045Fats 0.6Carbohydrates 2.97Calories
Butter mushrooms -Water 0.024Proteins 0.007Fats 0.017Carbohydrates 0.19Calories
Cabbage of red 0.9Water 0.018Proteins -Fats 0.061Carbohydrates 0.31Calories
Candy chocolate 0.079Water 0.029Proteins 0.107Fats 0.766Carbohydrates 3.96Calories
Capelin 0.75Water 0.134Proteins 0.115Fats -Carbohydrates 1.57Calories
Capers -Water 0.024Proteins 0.009Fats 0.049Carbohydrates 0.23Calories
Caramel 0.044Water -Proteins 0.001Fats 0.777Carbohydrates 2.96Calories
Carp 0.791Water 0.16Proteins 0.036Fats -Carbohydrates 0.96Calories
Carp 0.753Water 0.184Proteins 0.053Fats -Carbohydrates 1.21Calories
Carrot 0.885Water 0.013Proteins 0.001Fats 0.07Carbohydrates 0.33Calories
Carrot juice -Water 0.011Proteins 0.001Fats 0.126Carbohydrates 0.56Calories
Cashew -Water 0.18Proteins 0.44Fats 0.3Carbohydrates 5.53Calories
Catfish 0.75Water 0.168Proteins 0.085Fats -Carbohydrates 1.44Calories
Cauliflower 0.909Water 0.025Proteins -Fats 0.049Carbohydrates 0.29Calories
Celery -Water 0.037Proteins 0.001Fats 0.021Carbohydrates 0.13Calories
Cheese Gollandsko 0.38Water 0.26Proteins 0.27Fats -Carbohydrates 3.61Calories
Cheese plavlennыy 0.55Water 0.24Proteins 0.135Fats -Carbohydrates 2.26Calories
Cheese poshehonskyy 0.41Water 0.26Proteins 0.265Fats -Carbohydrates 3.34Calories
Cheese Russo 0.4Water 0.23Proteins 0.3Fats -Carbohydrates 3.71Calories
Cherry 0.855Water 0.008Proteins -Fats 0.113Carbohydrates 0.49Calories
Cherry juice -Water 0.007Proteins 0.002Fats 0.114Carbohydrates 0.51Calories
Cherry-plum 0.89Water 0.002Proteins -Fats 0.074Carbohydrates 0.34Calories
Cherrys 0.85Water 0.011Proteins -Fats 0.123Carbohydrates 0.52Calories
Chick-pea -Water 0.19Proteins 0.06Fats 0.61Carbohydrates 3.64Calories
Chicken 0.71Water 0.18Proteins 0.078Fats 0.004Carbohydrates 1.56Calories
Chicken egg 0.74Water 0.127Proteins 0.115Fats 0.007Carbohydrates 1.57Calories
Chicken heart -Water 0.158Proteins 0.103Fats 0.008Carbohydrates 1.59Calories
Chicken liver -Water 0.191Proteins 0.063Fats 0.006Carbohydrates 1.36Calories
Chickens 0.68Water 0.2Proteins 0.09Fats 0.008Carbohydrates 1.65Calories
Chilli -Water 0.02Proteins 0.002Fats 0.095Carbohydrates 0.4Calories
Chinese cabbage -Water 0.011Proteins 0.002Fats 0.022Carbohydrates 0.12Calories
Chum granular 0.469Water 0.316Proteins 0.138Fats -Carbohydrates 2.51Calories
Cilantro -Water 0.021Proteins 0.005Fats 0.019Carbohydrates 0.23Calories
Cloudberry 0.833Water 0.008Proteins -Fats 0.068Carbohydrates 0.31Calories
Coconut -Water 0.033Proteins 0.33Fats 0.15Carbohydrates 3.54Calories
Cod 0.807Water 0.175Proteins 0.006Fats -Carbohydrates 0.75Calories
Cod liver 0.264Water 0.042Proteins 0.657Fats -Carbohydrates 6.13Calories
Condensed milk 0.74Water 0.07Proteins 0.07Fats 0.09Carbohydrates 1.35Calories
Cooked sausage Amateur 0.57Water 0.12Proteins 0.28Fats -Carbohydrates 3.01Calories
Cooked sausage Diabetic 0.62Water 0.12Proteins 0.22Fats -Carbohydrates 2.54Calories
Cooked sausage Dietetic 0.71Water 0.12Proteins 0.13Fats -Carbohydrates 1.7Calories
Cooked sausage Doctor 0.6Water 0.13Proteins 0.22Fats -Carbohydrates 2.6Calories
Cooked Sausages Dairy 0.62Water 0.11Proteins 0.22Fats -Carbohydrates 2.52Calories
Cooked Sausages Veal 0.55Water 0.12Proteins 0.29Fats -Carbohydrates 3.16Calories
Cooked Smoked Amateur 0.39Water 0.17Proteins 0.39Fats -Carbohydrates 4.2Calories
Cooked Smoked Servelat 0.39Water 0.28Proteins 0.27Fats -Carbohydrates 3.6Calories
Corn -Water 0.004Proteins 0.002Fats 0.022Carbohydrates 1.23Calories
Corn grits 0.14Water 0.083Proteins 0.012Fats 0.75Carbohydrates 3.25Calories
Corn oil -Water -Proteins 0.999Fats -Carbohydrates 8.99Calories
Cottage Cheese bold 0.71Water 0.167Proteins 0.09Fats 0.013Carbohydrates 1.56Calories
Cottage Cheese greasy 0.647Water 0.14Proteins 0.18Fats 0.013Carbohydrates 2.26Calories
Cottage Cheese low-fat 0.777Water 0.18Proteins 0.006Fats 0.015Carbohydrates 0.86Calories
Courgettes 0.93Water 0.006Proteins 0.003Fats 0.057Carbohydrates 0.27Calories
Cowberry 0.87Water 0.007Proteins -Fats 0.086Carbohydrates 0.4Calories
Crab 0.815Water 0.16Proteins 0.005Fats -Carbohydrates 0.69Calories
Crab sticks -Water 0.08Proteins 0.005Fats 0.15Carbohydrates 0.95Calories
Cranberries 0.895Water 0.005Proteins -Fats 0.048Carbohydrates 0.28Calories
Crayfish river -Water 0.155Proteins 0.01Fats 0.012Carbohydrates 0.76Calories
Cream 10% 0.82Water 0.03Proteins 0.1Fats 0.04Carbohydrates 1.18Calories
Cream 20% 0.72Water 0.02Proteins 0.2Fats 0.03Carbohydrates 2.05Calories
Cream 33% -Water 0.0215Proteins 0.33Fats 0.04Carbohydrates 3.22Calories
Cream cheese -Water 0.06Proteins 0.34Fats 0.041Carbohydrates 3.42Calories
Crucian 0.789Water 0.177Proteins 0.018Fats -Carbohydrates 0.87Calories
Cucumbers ground 0.95Water 0.008Proteins -Fats 0.03Carbohydrates 0.15Calories
Dairy and cheese Mass 0.41Water 0.07Proteins 0.23Fats 0.27Carbohydrates 3.4Calories
Dark chocolate 0.008Water 0.054Proteins 0.353Fats 0.526Carbohydrates 5.4Calories
Dates 0.2Water 0.025Proteins -Fats 0.721Carbohydrates 2.81Calories
Dill -Water 0.025Proteins 0.005Fats 0.063Carbohydrates 0.4Calories
Dogwood 0.85Water 0.01Proteins -Fats 0.097Carbohydrates 0.45Calories
Dried Cherries 0.18Water 0.015Proteins -Fats 0.73Carbohydrates 2.92Calories
Dried Rosehip 0.14Water 0.04Proteins -Fats 0.6Carbohydrates 2.53Calories
Dried-apricots 0.18Water 0.05Proteins -Fats 0.675Carbohydrates 2.78Calories
Dried-apricots 0.202Water 0.052Proteins -Fats 0.659Carbohydrates 2.72Calories
Dry egg yolk 0.054Water 0.342Proteins 0.522Fats 0.044Carbohydrates 6.23Calories
Dry wines -Water 0.002Proteins -Fats 0.003Carbohydrates 0.64Calories
Dryers 0.12Water 0.11Proteins 0.013Fats 0.73Carbohydrates 3.3Calories
Ducks 0.51Water 0.16Proteins 0.61Fats -Carbohydrates 3.46Calories
Eel 0.535Water 0.145Proteins 0.305Fats -Carbohydrates 3.33Calories
Eel sea 0.775Water 0.191Proteins 0.019Fats -Carbohydrates 0.94Calories
Egg powder 0.068Water 0.45Proteins 0.373Fats 0.071Carbohydrates 5.42Calories
Egg protein -Water 0.111Proteins -Fats 0.01Carbohydrates 0.48Calories
Eggplant 0.91Water 0.006Proteins 0.001Fats 0.055Carbohydrates 0.24Calories
Elk 0.758Water 0.214Proteins 0.017Fats -Carbohydrates 1.01Calories
Fat -Water 0.024Proteins 8.9Fats -Carbohydrates 7.97Calories
Fat pig (skinless) 0.057Water 0.014Proteins 0.928Fats -Carbohydrates 8.16Calories
Feijoa -Water 0.01Proteins 0.006Fats 0.13Carbohydrates 0.55Calories
Figs 0.83Water 0.007Proteins -Fats 0.139Carbohydrates 0.56Calories
Fish sword 0.752Water 0.203Proteins 0.032Fats -Carbohydrates 1.1Calories
Flounder 0.795Water 0.161Proteins 0.026Fats -Carbohydrates 0.88Calories
Frankfurters Russian 0.66Water 0.12Proteins 0.19Fats -Carbohydrates 2.2Calories
Fresh boletus 0.91Water 0.02Proteins -Fats 0.03Carbohydrates 0.31Calories
Fresh boletus 0.91Water 0.03Proteins -Fats 0.03Carbohydrates 0.31Calories
Fresh Mushrooms 0.9Water 0.04Proteins 0.01Fats 0.01Carbohydrates 0.27Calories
Fresh white mushrooms 0.89Water 0.03Proteins -Fats 0.01Carbohydrates 0.25Calories
Fruit Drops 0.07Water 0.037Proteins 0.102Fats 0.731Carbohydrates 3.84Calories
Funchoza noodles -Water 0.007Proteins 0.005Fats 0.84Carbohydrates 3.2Calories
Garlic 0.7Water 0.065Proteins -Fats 0.212Carbohydrates 1.06Calories
Garnet 0.85Water 0.009Proteins -Fats 0.118Carbohydrates 0.52Calories
Geese 0.49Water 0.16Proteins 0.33Fats -Carbohydrates 3.64Calories
Ginger -Water 0.018Proteins 0.008Fats 0.18Carbohydrates 0.8Calories
Gingerbread 0.145Water 0.048Proteins 0.028Fats 0.777Carbohydrates 3.36Calories
Glucose syrup -Water -Proteins -Fats 0.7Carbohydrates 3.2Calories
Gobies 0.708Water 0.128Proteins 0.081Fats 0.052Carbohydrates 1.45Calories
Gooseberry 0.85Water 0.007Proteins -Fats 0.099Carbohydrates 0.44Calories
Grapefruit 0.89Water 0.009Proteins -Fats 0.073Carbohydrates 0.35Calories
Grapefruit juice -Water 0.003Proteins 0.001Fats 0.079Carbohydrates 0.38Calories
Grapes 0.802Water 0.004Proteins -Fats 0.175Carbohydrates 0.69Calories
Green beans 0.9Water 0.04Proteins -Fats 0.043Carbohydrates 0.32Calories
Green bell pepper 0.92Water 0.013Proteins -Fats 0.047Carbohydrates 0.23Calories
Green onions (the pen) 0.925Water 0.013Proteins -Fats 0.043Carbohydrates 0.22Calories
Green Peas 0.8Water 0.05Proteins 0.002Fats 0.133Carbohydrates 0.72Calories
Greenhouse cucumbers 0.965Water 0.007Proteins -Fats 0.018Carbohydrates 0.1Calories
Hake 0.799Water 0.166Proteins 0.022Fats -Carbohydrates 0.86Calories
Halibut 0.769Water 0.189Proteins 0.003Fats -Carbohydrates 1.03Calories
Halva sunflower 0.029Water 0.116Proteins 0.297Fats 0.54Carbohydrates 5.16Calories
Ham 0.535Water 0.226Proteins 0.209Fats -Carbohydrates 2.79Calories
Hazelnut 0.048Water 0.161Proteins 0.669Fats 0.099Carbohydrates 7.04Calories
Heating oil 0.01Water 0.003Proteins 0.98Fats 0.006Carbohydrates 8.87Calories
Hercules 0.12Water 0.131Proteins 0.062Fats 0.657Carbohydrates 3.55Calories
Herring 0.627Water 0.177Proteins 0.195Fats -Carbohydrates 2.42Calories
Honey 0.172Water 0.008Proteins -Fats 0.803Carbohydrates 3.08Calories
Honey mushrooms -Water 0.022Proteins 0.012Fats 0.005Carbohydrates 0.17Calories
Horseflesh 0.72Water 0.2Proteins 0.07Fats -Carbohydrates 1.43Calories
Horseradish 0.77Water 0.025Proteins -Fats 0.163Carbohydrates 0.71Calories
Hunting sausages -Water 0.253Proteins 0.4Fats 0.003Carbohydrates 4.63Calories
Ice 0.818Water 0.155Proteins 0.014Fats -Carbohydrates 0.75Calories
Ice cream -Water 0.037Proteins 0.1Fats 0.194Carbohydrates 1.83Calories
Ice cream chocolate plombir -Water 0.036Proteins 0.15Fats 0.204Carbohydrates 2.31Calories
Ice cream milk -Water 0.032Proteins 0.035Fats 0.213Carbohydrates 1.26Calories
Ice cream plombir -Water 0.032Proteins 0.15Fats 0.28Carbohydrates 2.27Calories
Ice-cream for Eskimo -Water 0.035Proteins 0.2Fats 0.196Carbohydrates 2.7Calories
Ide 0.801Water 0.182Proteins 0.003Fats -Carbohydrates 1.17Calories
Iris 0.065Water 0.033Proteins 0.075Fats 0.818Carbohydrates 3.87Calories
Jujube 0.21Water -Proteins 0.001Fats 0.777Carbohydrates 2.96Calories
Keta 0.713Water 0.22Proteins 0.056Fats -Carbohydrates 1.38Calories
Kiwi -Water 0.011Proteins 0.005Fats 0.15Carbohydrates 0.61Calories
Kvass -Water 0.002Proteins -Fats 0.052Carbohydrates 0.27Calories
Lamb 0.67Water 0.16Proteins 0.15Fats -Carbohydrates 2.03Calories
Lamb kidneys 0.79Water 0.13Proteins 0.025Fats -Carbohydrates 0.77Calories
Laminaria 0.88Water 0.009Proteins 0.002Fats 0.03Carbohydrates 0.05Calories
Lamprey 0.75Water 0.147Proteins 0.119Fats -Carbohydrates 1.66Calories
Language swine 0.66Water 0.14Proteins 0.16Fats -Carbohydrates 2.08Calories
Lean pork 0.548Water 0.164Proteins 0.278Fats -Carbohydrates 3.16Calories
Leek 0.87Water 0.03Proteins -Fats 0.073Carbohydrates 0.4Calories
Lemon 0.877Water 0.009Proteins -Fats 0.036Carbohydrates 0.31Calories
Lemon juice -Water 0.006Proteins -Fats 0.039Carbohydrates 0.33Calories
Lentil 0.14Water 0.24Proteins 0.01Fats 0.53Carbohydrates 3.1Calories
Leshchev breakout 0.58Water 0.247Proteins 0.048Fats -Carbohydrates 1.42Calories
Low-fat yogurt 0.914Water 0.03Proteins 0.001Fats 0.038Carbohydrates 0.3Calories
Mack dry -Water 0.175Proteins 0.475Fats 0.02Carbohydrates 0.505Calories
Mackerel 0.718Water 0.18Proteins 0.09Fats -Carbohydrates 1.53Calories
Makrorus 0.85Water 0.132Proteins 0.008Fats -Carbohydrates 0.6Calories
Mandarin 0.885Water 0.008Proteins -Fats 0.086Carbohydrates 0.38Calories
Mango -Water 0.008Proteins 0.004Fats 0.15Carbohydrates 0.6Calories
Margarine milk 0.159Water 0.003Proteins 0.823Fats 0.01Carbohydrates 7.46Calories
Margarine sandwich 0.158Water 0.005Proteins 0.82Fats 0.012Carbohydrates 7.44Calories
Mayonnaise 0.25Water 0.031Proteins 0.67Fats 0.026Carbohydrates 6.27Calories
Meal corn -Water 0.07Proteins 0.018Fats 0.79Carbohydrates 3.7Calories
Melon 0.885Water 0.008Proteins 0.002Fats 0.08Carbohydrates 0.34Calories
Milk 0.88Water 0.02Proteins 0.03Fats 0.04Carbohydrates 0.59Calories
Milk -chocolate 0.009Water 0.069Proteins 0.357Fats 0.524Carbohydrates 5.47Calories
Milk powder 0.04Water 0.25Proteins 0.25Fats 0.39Carbohydrates 4.75Calories
Milk with Sugar shuschennoe 0.26Water 0.07Proteins 0.08Fats 0.56Carbohydrates 3.15Calories
Millet 0.14Water 0.12Proteins 0.029Fats 0.693Carbohydrates 3.34Calories
Mulberry 0.827Water -Proteins -Fats 0.127Carbohydrates 0.53Calories
Mullet -Water 0.194Proteins 0.038Fats -Carbohydrates 1.17Calories
Mushrooms, white, dried 0.13Water 0.27Proteins 0.06Fats 0.1Carbohydrates 2.09Calories
Mussels -Water 0.115Proteins 0.02Fats 0.033Carbohydrates 0.77Calories
Mutton liver 0.712Water 0.187Proteins 0.029Fats -Carbohydrates 1.01Calories
Natural yoghurt 1.5% fat 0.88Water 0.005Proteins 0.015Fats 0.035Carbohydrates 0.51Calories
Navaga 0.811Water 0.161Proteins 0.01Fats -Carbohydrates 0.73Calories
Neat's tongue 0.71Water 0.13Proteins 0.12Fats -Carbohydrates 1.63Calories
Nectarine -Water 0.011Proteins 0.003Fats 0.11Carbohydrates 0.44Calories
Noodles home -Water 0.12Proteins 0.037Fats 0.601Carbohydrates 3.22Calories
Oat groats 0.12Water 0.119Proteins 0.058Fats 0.654Carbohydrates 3.45Calories
Oatmeal 0.1Water 0.122Proteins 0.058Fats 0.683Carbohydrates 3.57Calories
Oil of sesame -Water -Proteins 0.999Fats -Carbohydrates 8.99Calories
Olive oil -Water -Proteins 0.998Fats 0.004Carbohydrates 8.98Calories
Onion 0.86Water 0.017Proteins -Fats 0.095Carbohydrates 0.43Calories
Orange 0.875Water 0.009Proteins -Fats 0.084Carbohydrates 0.38Calories
Orange juice -Water 0.003Proteins 0.002Fats 0.163Carbohydrates 0.7Calories
Oyster mushrooms fresh -Water 0.025Proteins 0.003Fats 0.065Carbohydrates 0.38Calories
Parsley (Green) 0.85Water 0.037Proteins -Fats 0.081Carbohydrates 0.45Calories
Parsley (root) 0.85Water 0.015Proteins -Fats 0.11Carbohydrates 0.47Calories
Pasta egg -Water 0.113Proteins 0.021Fats 0.696Carbohydrates 3.42Calories
Pasta flour 1 grade -Water 0.112Proteins 0.016Fats 0.684Carbohydrates 3.33Calories
Pasta from flour in/s -Water 0.11Proteins 0.013Fats 0.705Carbohydrates 3.38Calories
Pasta Ocean 0.722Water 0.189Proteins 0.068Fats -Carbohydrates 1.37Calories
Paste 0.18Water 0.005Proteins -Fats 0.804Carbohydrates 3.05Calories
Peach juice -Water 0.003Proteins -Fats 0.165Carbohydrates 0.68Calories
Peaches 0.865Water 0.009Proteins -Fats 0.104Carbohydrates 0.44Calories
Peanuts 0.1Water 0.263Proteins 0.452Fats 0.097Carbohydrates 5.48Calories
Pear 0.875Water 0.004Proteins -Fats 0.107Carbohydrates 0.42Calories
Pearl barley 0.14Water 0.093Proteins 0.011Fats 0.737Carbohydrates 3.24Calories
Peas are peeled 0.14Water 0.23Proteins 0.016Fats 0.577Carbohydrates 3.23Calories
Peas solid 0.14Water 0.23Proteins 0.01Fats 0.53Carbohydrates 3.03Calories
Pelengas -Water 0.18Proteins 0.05Fats -Carbohydrates 0.84Calories
Perch river 0.792Water 0.185Proteins 0.009Fats -Carbohydrates 0.82Calories
Persimmon 0.815Water 0.005Proteins -Fats 0.159Carbohydrates 0.62Calories
Pig brain 0.791Water 0.105Proteins 0.086Fats 0.008Carbohydrates 1.19Calories
Pig heart 0.78Water 0.15Proteins 0.03Fats -Carbohydrates 0.89Calories
Pig liver 0.71Water 0.18Proteins 0.04Fats -Carbohydrates 1.08Calories
Pike 0.704Water 0.188Proteins 0.007Fats -Carbohydrates 0.82Calories
Pine nuts -Water 0.14Proteins 0.68Fats 0.13Carbohydrates 6.73Calories
Pineapple 0.86Water 0.004Proteins -Fats 0.118Carbohydrates 0.48Calories
Pineapple juice -Water 0.003Proteins 0.001Fats 0.118Carbohydrates 0.52Calories
Pink salmon 0.705Water 0.21Proteins 0.07Fats -Carbohydrates 1.47Calories
Pistachios -Water 0.2Proteins 0.45Fats 0.28Carbohydrates 5.62Calories
Plum-garden 0.87Water 0.008Proteins -Fats 0.099Carbohydrates 0.43Calories
Pollock 0.801Water 0.159Proteins 0.007Fats -Carbohydrates 0.7Calories
Pollock breakout 0.632Water 0.284Proteins 0.019Fats -Carbohydrates 1.31Calories
Pomegranate juice -Water 0.003Proteins 0.001Fats 0.142Carbohydrates 0.56Calories
Porcine kidney 0.8Water 0.13Proteins 0.03Fats -Carbohydrates 0.8Calories
Pork ears -Water 0.21Proteins 0.141Fats -Carbohydrates 2.11Calories
Pork fat 0.387Water 0.114Proteins 0.493Fats -Carbohydrates 4.89Calories
Pork lungs -Water 0.141Proteins 0.027Fats -Carbohydrates 0.85Calories
Pork sausage 0.54Water 0.11Proteins 0.3Fats -Carbohydrates 3.24Calories
Pork sausages 0.53Water 0.1Proteins 0.31Fats 0.019Carbohydrates 3.32Calories
Pork stew 0.511Water 0.149Proteins 0.322Fats -Carbohydrates 3.49Calories
Potatoes 0.76Water 0.02Proteins 0.001Fats 0.197Carbohydrates 0.83Calories
Prostokvasha 0.88Water 0.02Proteins 0.03Fats 0.04Carbohydrates 0.58Calories
Protein powder 0.121Water 0.733Proteins 0.018Fats 0.07Carbohydrates 3.36Calories
Prunes 0.25Water 0.023Proteins -Fats 0.656Carbohydrates 2.64Calories
Puff pastry -Water 0.07Proteins 0.39Fats 0.46Carbohydrates 5.58Calories
Puff pastry apple 0.13Water 0.057Proteins 0.256Fats 0.527Carbohydrates 4.54Calories
Puff pastry cream 0.09Water 0.054Proteins 0.386Fats 0.464Carbohydrates 5.44Calories
Pumpkin -Water 0.01Proteins 0.001Fats 0.07Carbohydrates 0.26Calories
Pumpkin seeds -Water 0.19Proteins 0.19Fats 0.54Carbohydrates 4.46Calories
Quail egg 0.733Water 0.119Proteins 0.131Fats 0.006Carbohydrates 1.68Calories
Quince 0.875Water 0.006Proteins -Fats 0.089Carbohydrates 0.38Calories
Quince juice -Water 0.005Proteins 0.001Fats 0.112Carbohydrates 0.51Calories
Rabbit 0.653Water 0.207Proteins 0.129Fats -Carbohydrates 1.99Calories
Radish 0.886Water 0.019Proteins -Fats 0.07Carbohydrates 0.34Calories
Radishes 0.93Water 0.012Proteins -Fats 0.041Carbohydrates 0.2Calories
Raisins-bone 0.19Water 0.018Proteins -Fats 0.709Carbohydrates 2.76Calories
Ram -Water 0.175Proteins 0.02Fats -Carbohydrates 0.88Calories
Ramson 0.89Water 0.024Proteins -Fats 0.065Carbohydrates 0.34Calories
Raspberries 0.87Water 0.008Proteins -Fats 0.09Carbohydrates 0.41Calories
Red bell pepper 0.91Water 0.013Proteins -Fats 0.057Carbohydrates 0.27Calories
Red-currant 0.854Water 0.006Proteins -Fats 0.08Carbohydrates 0.38Calories
Rhubarb (stemmed) 0.945Water 0.007Proteins -Fats 0.029Carbohydrates 0.16Calories
Rice groats 0.14Water 0.07Proteins 0.006Fats 0.737Carbohydrates 3.23Calories
Rosehip-fresh 0.66Water 0.016Proteins -Fats -Carbohydrates 1Calories
Rowan-garden 0.81Water 0.014Proteins -Fats 0.125Carbohydrates 0.58Calories
Ruccola -Water 0.026Proteins 0.007Fats 0.037Carbohydrates 0.25Calories
Rusk cream 0.08Water 0.085Proteins 0.106Fats 0.713Carbohydrates 3.97Calories
Russules fresh 0.83Water 0.01Proteins -Fats 0.01Carbohydrates 0.17Calories
Rutabaga 0.875Water 0.006Proteins 0.001Fats 0.081Carbohydrates 0.37Calories
Ryazhenka 0.85Water 0.03Proteins 0.06Fats 0.04Carbohydrates 0.85Calories
Rye bread 0.424Water 0.047Proteins 0.007Fats 0.498Carbohydrates 2.14Calories
Rye flour 0.14Water 0.069Proteins 0.011Fats 0.769Carbohydrates 3.26Calories
Sablefish 0.715Water 0.132Proteins 0.116Fats -Carbohydrates 1.58Calories
Saira fine 0.713Water 0.204Proteins 0.008Fats -Carbohydrates 1.43Calories
Saira large 0.598Water 0.186Proteins 0.208Fats -Carbohydrates 2.62Calories
Salad 0.95Water 0.015Proteins -Fats 0.022Carbohydrates 0.14Calories
Salmon 0.629Water 0.208Proteins 0.151Fats -Carbohydrates 2.19Calories
Salmon -Water 0.2Proteins 0.081Fats -Carbohydrates 1.53Calories
Salmon granular -Water 0.32Proteins 0.15Fats -Carbohydrates 2.26Calories
Sausage meat 0.632Water 0.152Proteins 0.157Fats 0.028Carbohydrates 2.13Calories
Sausages Dairy 0.6Water 0.12Proteins 0.25Fats -Carbohydrates 2.77Calories
Scad 0.749Water 0.185Proteins 0.05Fats -Carbohydrates 1.19Calories
Sea perch 0.754Water 0.176Proteins 0.052Fats -Carbohydrates 1.17Calories
Sea-buckthorn 0.75Water 0.009Proteins -Fats 0.055Carbohydrates 0.3Calories
Seabass -Water 0.18Proteins 0.03Fats -Carbohydrates 0.99Calories
Semi-dry wines -Water 0.003Proteins -Fats 0.025Carbohydrates 0.78Calories
Semolina 0.14Water 0.113Proteins 0.007Fats 0.733Carbohydrates 3.26Calories
Serum 0.947Water 0.009Proteins 0.004Fats 0.05Carbohydrates 0.27Calories
Sesame -Water 0.18Proteins 0.5Fats 0.23Carbohydrates 5.73Calories
Shad marble 0.734Water 0.148Proteins 0.107Fats -Carbohydrates 1.56Calories
Shrimp 0.775Water 0.18Proteins 0.008Fats -Carbohydrates 0.83Calories
Shrimp Far 0.648Water 0.287Proteins 0.012Fats -Carbohydrates 1.34Calories
Silver carp -Water 0.195Proteins 0.009Fats 0.002Carbohydrates 0.86Calories
Smelt 0.798Water 0.155Proteins 0.032Fats -Carbohydrates 0.91Calories
Smoked brisket 0.21Water 0.076Proteins 0.668Fats -Carbohydrates 6.32Calories
Smoked Cheese suluguni -Water 0.3Proteins 0.15Fats -Carbohydrates 2.25Calories
Smoked Krakow 0.34Water 0.16Proteins 0.44Fats -Carbohydrates 4.66Calories
Smoked Minsk 0.52Water 0.23Proteins 0.17Fats 0.027Carbohydrates 2.59Calories
Smoked Poltava 0.39Water 0.16Proteins 0.39Fats -Carbohydrates 4.17Calories
Smoked pork loin 0.373Water 0.105Proteins 0.472Fats -Carbohydrates 4.67Calories
Sorrel 0.9Water 0.015Proteins -Fats 0.053Carbohydrates 0.28Calories
Sour cream 10% 0.82Water 0.03Proteins 0.1Fats 0.03Carbohydrates 2.06Calories
Sour cream 20% 0.72Water 0.02Proteins 0.2Fats 0.03Carbohydrates 2.06Calories
Soy 0.12Water 0.34Proteins 0.17Fats 0.26Carbohydrates 3.95Calories
Soy sauce -Water 0.003Proteins 0.0002Fats 0.091Carbohydrates 0.38Calories
Spinach 0.912Water 0.029Proteins -Fats 0.023Carbohydrates 0.21Calories
Sponge cake 0.25Water 0.047Proteins 0.02Fats 0.498Carbohydrates 3.86Calories
Sprat 0.754Water 0.173Proteins 0.056Fats -Carbohydrates 1.21Calories
Sprat -Water 0.171Proteins 0.076Fats -Carbohydrates 1.37Calories
squid 0.803Water 0.18Proteins 0.003Fats -Carbohydrates 0.75Calories
Sterlet 0.749Water 0.17Proteins 0.061Fats -Carbohydrates 3.2Calories
Strawberry 0.845Water 0.018Proteins -Fats 0.081Carbohydrates 0.41Calories
Strawberry -Water 0.008Proteins 0.004Fats 0.075Carbohydrates 0.41Calories
Sturgeon 0.714Water 0.164Proteins 0.109Fats -Carbohydrates 1.64Calories
Sturgeon breakout 0.395Water 0.36Proteins 0.102Fats -Carbohydrates 1.23Calories
Sturgeon granular 0.58Water 0.289Proteins 0.097Fats -Carbohydrates 2.03Calories
Sugar 0.002Water 0.003Proteins -Fats 0.995Carbohydrates 3.74Calories
Sulguni cheese -Water 0.2Proteins 0.24Fats -Carbohydrates 2.9Calories
Sultana raisins 0.18Water 0.023Proteins -Fats 0.712Carbohydrates 2.79Calories
Sunflower Seed 0.08Water 0.207Proteins 0.529Fats 0.05Carbohydrates 5.78Calories
Sweet drinks -Water -Proteins -Fats 0.087Carbohydrates 0.38Calories
Sweet wines -Water 0.002Proteins -Fats 0.08Carbohydrates 1Calories
Tahini halva 0.039Water 0.127Proteins 0.299Fats 0.506Carbohydrates 5.1Calories
The fat melted 0.003Water -Proteins 0.997Fats -Carbohydrates 8.97Calories
Tomato juice -Water 0.011Proteins 0.001Fats 0.029Carbohydrates 0.18Calories
Tomatoes (greenhouse) 0.946Water 0.006Proteins -Fats 0.029Carbohydrates 0.14Calories
Tomatoes (groundwater) 0.935Water 0.006Proteins -Fats 0.042Carbohydrates 0.19Calories
Trepang 0.894Water 0.073Proteins 0.006Fats -Carbohydrates 0.35Calories
Trout -Water 0.27Proteins 0.08Fats -Carbohydrates 1.9Calories
Tuna 0.74Water 0.227Proteins 0.007Fats -Carbohydrates 0.96Calories
Turkey 0.64Water 0.21Proteins 0.12Fats 0.008Carbohydrates 1.97Calories
Turnip 0.905Water 0.015Proteins -Fats 0.059Carbohydrates 0.28Calories
Ukrainian smoked 0.44Water 0.16Proteins 0.34Fats -Carbohydrates 3.76Calories
Veal 0.78Water 0.019Proteins 0.01Fats -Carbohydrates 0.9Calories
Vegetable oil 0.001Water -Proteins 0.999Fats -Carbohydrates 8.99Calories
Viburnum -Water -Proteins -Fats 0.07Carbohydrates 0.26Calories
Vimba Caspian 0.77Water 0.192Proteins 0.024Fats -Carbohydrates 0.98Calories
Vodka -Water -Proteins -Fats 0.004Carbohydrates 2.35Calories
Waffles fatty toppings 0.01Water 0.034Proteins 0.302Fats 0.647Carbohydrates 5.3Calories
Waffles french fillings 0.12Water 0.032Proteins 0.028Fats 0.801Carbohydrates 3.42Calories
Walnut 0.05Water 0.138Proteins 0.613Fats 0.102Carbohydrates 6.48Calories
Watermelon 0.926Water 0.006Proteins 0.002Fats 0.08Carbohydrates 0.3Calories
Wheat crackers 0.12Water 0.112Proteins 0.014Fats 0.724Carbohydrates 3.31Calories
Wheat flour 1 grade 0.14Water 0.106Proteins 0.013Fats 0.732Carbohydrates 3.29Calories
Wheat flour grade II 0.14Water 0.117Proteins 0.018Fats 0.708Carbohydrates 3.28Calories
Wheat Flour. grade 0.14Water 0.103Proteins 0.009Fats 0.742Carbohydrates 3.27Calories
Wheat groats "Poltava" 0.14Water 0.127Proteins 0.011Fats 0.706Carbohydrates 3.25Calories
White cabbage 0.9Water 0.018Proteins -Fats 0.054Carbohydrates 0.28Calories
White cheese from cow's milk 0.52Water 0.179Proteins 0.201Fats -Carbohydrates 2.6Calories
White-currant 0.86Water 0.003Proteins -Fats 0.087Carbohydrates 0.39Calories
Whitefish 0.723Water 0.19Proteins 0.075Fats -Carbohydrates 1.44Calories
Wines -Water 0.002Proteins -Fats 0.05Carbohydrates 0.88Calories
Wines strong -Water 0.004Proteins -Fats 0.12Carbohydrates 1.63Calories
Yolk of an egg -Water 0.162Proteins 0.312Fats -Carbohydrates 3.54Calories
Zander 0.789Water 0.19Proteins 0.008Fats -Carbohydrates 0.83Calories
Zephyr 0.2Water 0.008Proteins -Fats 0.783Carbohydrates 2.99Calories
Сheese shvejtsarsky 0.364Water 0.249Proteins 0.318Fats -Carbohydrates 3.96Calories
Sum of all selected products
Product Weight (g) Water Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Calories
Total weight - - - - - -

Product calorie table

Product calorie tableFirst of all, you need to understand what the caloric content of foods is - the amount of energy that your body will receive from the food or individual product. This energy is expended by the body on its functioning, as well as physical activities of any type, if the calorie consumption is less than we used, then the body processes these extra calories and they can be stored in adipose tissue as a body reserve for the worst times.

Caloric content of products depends on the amount of fats in them, the more fats the more caloric the product is, and also if a large amount of water, such as in fruits and vegetables, then you will get a minimum of calories while consuming dishes prepared from these products. If you want to eat and lose weight with weight, then be sure to refer to our table, because counting the calories consumed will not only help you learn how to eat properly, but also achieve a harmonious and beautiful body without harmful and debilitating diets. It is also very important to know the nutritional value of products, which is also indicated in the table, these values ​​will help to make your diet more correctly and accurately because it is based on these indicators that we can understand how this or that product will affect the body. Nutritional value is the content of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in foods. If you want to lose weight, then you should choose foods with a lower fat content, as well as simple carbohydrates, proteins have less effect on the accumulation of fat mass. But remember that it is not necessary to remove carbohydrates and fats from their diet, because they are just necessary for the proper functioning of our body, reasonable distribution of products and knowledge of the composition, will help to avoid the accumulation of fats and in a short time to bring oneself into shape without harm.

Caloric content of foods and nutritional value is indicated by 100 gr. Of wet weight. It is worthwhile that these figures may vary depending on the cooking method you choose, during heat treatment caloric content can decrease from 2 to 30% of the total weight, this is affected by the product density, temperature and cooking time. Be sure to take into account the peculiarities of your body when preparing the ration, and also it is advisable to consult a doctor, so that the food by the number of calories does not bring any inconveniences, and even more so the consequences from the side of health.