Cooking time

Be sure that your dish is properly cooked with our table, now you do not have to guess how much time to spend on cooking

Cooking time
Product Cooking Frying Baking Extinguishing
Apples -Cooking -Frying 00:15Baking -Extinguishing
Asparagus 00:04Cooking 00:05Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Avocado 00:05Cooking 00:02Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Bananas -Cooking 00:10Frying 00:20Baking -Extinguishing
Barley grits 00:35Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Bean 01:00Cooking -Frying 01:00Baking -Extinguishing
Beef 01:30Cooking 00:25Frying 02:00Baking -Extinguishing
Beef Brains 00:40Cooking 00:20Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Beef Heart 02:00Cooking 00:30Frying -Baking 01:30Extinguishing
Beef light 00:25Cooking 00:10Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Beef liver 00:40Cooking 00:20Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Beef tripe 03:30Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Beef udder 03:00Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Beet 00:50Cooking 00:20Frying 01:00Baking 00:30Extinguishing
Bream 00:15Cooking 00:12Frying 00:40Baking 00:50Extinguishing
Broccoli 00:07Cooking 00:10Frying 00:30Baking -Extinguishing
Buckwheat unground 00:20Cooking -Frying 00:25Baking -Extinguishing
Carp 00:30Cooking 00:15Frying 00:50Baking -Extinguishing
Carrot 00:25Cooking 00:10Frying 00:30Baking -Extinguishing
Catfish 00:15Cooking 00:15Frying 00:50Baking 00:40Extinguishing
Cauliflower 00:20Cooking 00:15Frying 00:30Baking -Extinguishing
Celery 00:02Cooking 00:10Frying -Baking 00:25Extinguishing
Chick-pea 00:40Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Chicken 01:00Cooking 00:30Frying 01:00Baking 00:40Extinguishing
Chicken egg 00:10Cooking 00:07Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Chicken heart 00:30Cooking 00:20Frying 00:35Baking 00:30Extinguishing
Chicken liver 00:15Cooking 00:10Frying 00:30Baking 00:15Extinguishing
Chicken stomachs 01:30Cooking 00:30Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Chickens 01:30Cooking 00:30Frying 01:30Baking -Extinguishing
Cod 00:15Cooking 00:10Frying 00:35Baking 00:40Extinguishing
Corn 00:15Cooking 00:30Frying 00:35Baking -Extinguishing
Corn grits 00:15Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Courgettes 00:15Cooking 00:05Frying 00:20Baking -Extinguishing
Crab 00:15Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Crayfish river 00:20Cooking 00:10Frying 00:15Baking -Extinguishing
Crucian 00:15Cooking 00:10Frying 00:20Baking 00:25Extinguishing
Dorado 00:20Cooking 00:10Frying 00:25Baking -Extinguishing
Ducks 01:30Cooking 00:40Frying 02:30Baking 01:00Extinguishing
Eggplant 00:20Cooking 00:10Frying 00:30Baking 00:30Extinguishing
Flounder 00:20Cooking 00:15Frying 00:35Baking 00:30Extinguishing
Fresh Mushrooms 00:05Cooking 00:15Frying 00:20Baking -Extinguishing
Fresh white mushrooms 00:40Cooking 00:15Frying 00:30Baking -Extinguishing
Garlic 00:10Cooking 00:02Frying 00:25Baking -Extinguishing
Geese 02:30Cooking 00:40Frying 02:00Baking -Extinguishing
Gobies -Cooking 00:10Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Green beans 00:05Cooking 00:10Frying -Baking 00:15Extinguishing
Green bell pepper 00:07Cooking 00:15Frying 00:20Baking 00:30Extinguishing
Green Peas 00:10Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Hake 00:30Cooking 00:07Frying 00:35Baking 00:40Extinguishing
Hercules 00:03Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Honey mushrooms 00:10Cooking 00:20Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Lamb 01:30Cooking 01:00Frying 01:30Baking 01:30Extinguishing
Language swine -Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Lean pork 01:30Cooking 00:25Frying 01:30Baking 00:40Extinguishing
Leek 00:10Cooking 00:05Frying 00:15Baking -Extinguishing
Lentil 00:25Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Mackerel 00:12Cooking 00:15Frying 00:40Baking 00:40Extinguishing
Millet 00:30Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Mussels 00:05Cooking 00:50Frying 00:10Baking -Extinguishing
Neat's tongue 02:30Cooking 00:40Frying 01:30Baking -Extinguishing
Nutria 01:30Cooking 00:50Frying 02:30Baking -Extinguishing
Oat groats 00:10Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Octopus 00:25Cooking 00:10Frying 00:30Baking -Extinguishing
Onion 00:10Cooking 00:05Frying 00:15Baking -Extinguishing
Oyster mushrooms fresh 00:15Cooking 00:15Frying -Baking 00:20Extinguishing
Pasta egg 00:12Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Pasta flour 1 grade 00:10Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Peaches -Cooking -Frying 00:20Baking -Extinguishing
Pear -Cooking -Frying 00:15Baking -Extinguishing
Pearl barley 01:30Cooking -Frying 01:00Baking -Extinguishing
Peas are peeled 00:45Cooking -Frying 01:20Baking -Extinguishing
Pelengas 00:15Cooking 00:15Frying 00:45Baking 00:50Extinguishing
Perch river 00:10Cooking 00:15Frying 00:20Baking 00:30Extinguishing
Pig brain 02:00Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Pig heart 01:30Cooking 00:25Frying 01:00Baking -Extinguishing
Pig liver 00:50Cooking 00:20Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Pike 00:30Cooking 00:20Frying 00:30Baking 00:30Extinguishing
Pink salmon 00:15Cooking 00:20Frying 00:30Baking 00:45Extinguishing
Pollock 00:10Cooking 00:10Frying 00:35Baking 00:40Extinguishing
Porcine kidney 00:40Cooking 00:20Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Pork ears 02:30Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Pork lungs 01:00Cooking 00:40Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Pork stomach 02:00Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Potatoes 00:25Cooking 00:25Frying 00:40Baking -Extinguishing
Pumpkin 00:30Cooking 00:15Frying 00:30Baking -Extinguishing
Quail 00:50Cooking -Frying 00:40Baking -Extinguishing
Quail egg 00:05Cooking 00:05Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Rabbit 02:00Cooking 00:25Frying 01:30Baking 01:00Extinguishing
Rice groats 00:20Cooking -Frying 00:20Baking -Extinguishing
Salmon 00:20Cooking 00:10Frying 00:30Baking 00:15Extinguishing
Scallops 00:01Cooking 00:06Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Shrimp 00:05Cooking 00:10Frying 00:10Baking -Extinguishing
Silver carp 00:25Cooking 00:10Frying 00:30Baking 00:40Extinguishing
Smelt 00:05Cooking 00:10Frying 00:30Baking 00:30Extinguishing
Sorrel 00:03Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
Spinach 00:05Cooking 00:02Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
squid 00:02Cooking 00:05Frying 00:10Baking -Extinguishing
Sweet potato 00:30Cooking 00:25Frying 00:30Baking -Extinguishing
Tomatoes (groundwater) 00:15Cooking 00:07Frying 00:15Baking -Extinguishing
Trout 00:15Cooking 00:15Frying 00:35Baking 00:25Extinguishing
Tuna 00:07Cooking 00:10Frying 00:30Baking -Extinguishing
Turkey 01:00Cooking 00:15Frying 01:30Baking 01:00Extinguishing
Turnip 00:20Cooking -Frying -Baking 00:30Extinguishing
Veal 01:00Cooking 00:10Frying 01:30Baking -Extinguishing
Wheat groats "Poltava" 02:00Cooking -Frying -Baking -Extinguishing
White cabbage 00:25Cooking 00:30Frying -Baking 00:40Extinguishing
Zander 00:12Cooking 00:05Frying 00:20Baking 00:30Extinguishing

Cooking time

Cooking timeBefore consumption, the products are culinary processed in various ways and sometimes beginning culinary experts are not sure or even know how long it takes to prepare a certain product, that it would be tasty and useful without losing all its taste qualities. Our table will help to fully understand the time of cooking the most popular methods of processing, namely frying, stewing, cooking and baking in the oven. It also happens that you have found a very mouth-watering recipe, but it is described only superficially and it is difficult to understand how long it will take to prepare, then you will receive a table with the help of the preparation time of products that will quickly guide you in the right direction.

Using the table, the time of preparation of the products must be remembered that the time will directly depend on several factors - weight, size, quality of the product, as well as the way it is processed. Given all these indicators, we have compiled an accurate table that will certainly please all the housewives, now you do not need to be afraid that the dish will not be prepared, or vice versa, due to overexposure. In some cases, long cooking does not greatly affect the taste, but do not forget that such an action completely deprives the food of useful microelements and vitamins that are so necessary for our body and without which such food is simply useless. Learn how to tasty and properly cook and then you will receive from cooked dishes not only taste pleasure, but also a great benefit for what your body will say many thanks.

It is also necessary to know not only the cooking time, but also the temperature at which foods are baked, this is a very important criterion especially if it concerns vegetables or fruits. Correctly chosen temperature is the guarantee of preservation of all useful qualities and even cooking, which will make the dish or individual foods so delicious and nutritious.