White cheese from cow's milk

Brynza from cow's milk is a pressed cheese which is made in a special milk brine, a useful, easily digestible product rich in vitamins.

Brynza from cow's milk is pressed cheese which is made in a special milk brine. Brynza has a white or slightly yellowish color, the taste is slightly salty with sourness, the surface should be smooth and without any crust. Consistency is moderately dense, it should not crumble, but it breaks very simply.

Brynza can be found on the shelves of any store or cooked independently at home. The preparation of cheese is spent from several days to several months, depending on what texture, density and taste the producer wants to get. For cooking use pasteurized milk, starter and potassium chloride. To get the cheese, the milk mixture is heated and cooled several times to make the cheese separate from the whey, then press and send to salting.

Brynza is a very useful, easily digestible product, rich in vitamins, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and also saturated with milk proteins. It contains vitamins such as PP, C, B1, B2, A, E and D, as well as a fairly low-calorie product.

This dairy product is very important in the Bulgarian, Moldovan, Romanian and Caucasian cuisine. Brynza is added to a variety of second and first courses, pastries, as well as salads, it is great as a snack. To cook 1 kg. it will take about 10 liters. milk.


Water Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Calories
0.52 0.179 0.201 0 2.6

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