The benefits and harm of black and green tea

Almost every one of us daily pampered ourselves with hot, fragrant tea that has so many kinds and tastes, with and without additives, they also differ

APRIL 24, 2018

Almost every one of us daily pampered ourselves with hot, fragrant tea that has so many kinds and tastes, with additives and without, as well as they differ in their properties. In this article we will talk about the two most popular types of tea black and green. In fact, they are made from a single plant, the difference is only in the method of processing a particular tea, but the most important difference between them is the effect on the human body. Black tea goes through a longer treatment path before it reaches the store shelves, and green tea practically misses all of these processes and for this reason many consider this species to be more useful, and whether this is in fact a detail we will understand.

The benefits and harm of black and green tea

Basically, we hear only about the benefits of black and green tea, this is primarily due to the advertising that manufacturers use to increase sales of their products. Green tea differs from black not only in color, but also in flavor, it has a light herbaceous note, slightly tart and at the same time fresh. Black tea is heavier, has a rich and tart taste, in its aroma you can catch a honey note. Quality tea in no case should not be bitter, it is best to choose a large leaf tea. Green tea has a color from gently yellow to greenish, black from orange with a red note to a dark brown.

The composition of both types of tea includes such components:

  • Tannin - it has anti-inflammatory action, also bactericidal and astringent. This substance in green tea contains twice as much as in black tea.
  • Catechins are excellent antioxidants, they will help to strengthen immunity, as well as reduce the number of microbes in the body.
  • Theonin is an analog of caffeine, it is slightly softer, but it has the same effect as caffeine - it activates the brain, gives energy, invigorates.
  • Vitamins P, B1, B2, K and C, all these vitamins are part of black and green tea, but in green tea they are many times more as it almost does not pass treatment.

The composition of the tea has been studied for a long time by different scientists, but they have not fully disclosed all the ingredients that are included in it, at the moment it is known that tea plants include at least 130 chemicals. Of these, 30-50% extractive means that they dissolve in water and fall into our body completely. The largest amount of extracts is in green tea about 50%, in black it is about 35%, and it also decreases depending on the age of the tea and how it was stored.

Now let's examine in more detail the benefit and harm of tea.

The use of black tea:

  1. Stimulates the cardiovascular system
  2. Improves kidney and digestion
  3. Strengthens cerebral circulation, than reduces the risk of stroke
  4. Improves the condition and appearance of the skin
  5. Clears the body of accumulated toxins
  6. Activates metabolism
  7. Serving tea with lemon reduces the risk of degeneration of cells into cancerous
  8. It contains tannin, which reduces the amount of bacteria, black tea will help with throat diseases
  9. I also use black tea in cosmetology for the removal of puffiness and eye fatigue, as well as compresses of rejuvenation

The benefits of black tea are great, but there are negative, even harmful side effects of drinking tea, but there are far fewer benefits than that that can not please all lovers of this drink.

Harm of black tea:

  1. Strong black tea stains tooth enamel
  2. Pregnant should not drink more than 2 cups of tea a day, as the composition includes caffeine, and he can reduce the weight of the fetus
  3. Hot tea irritates the esophagus and stomach, which can lead to diseases of the digestive system or even deformation of organs
  4. You should drink tea immediately after brewing, after 20 minutes of insisting, the oxidation process begins and you will get all the harm of black tea to the fullest

The benefits and harm of black and green tea

To avoid all troubles and enjoy delicious and useful tea for this you need not only to choose the right product, but also be able to prepare it. In China, to have a cup of tea, it is necessary to hold a whole ceremony, it is not only beautiful, but also makes the drink surprisingly tasty and useful. Also, the connoisseurs and connoisseurs of this drink are called the English, who claim that only they know how to properly brew and serve tea, here are some tips:

  • The taste of tea directly depends on the quality of the water, for cooking you need to use pure spring water or one that has been thoroughly cleaned from heavy metals.
  • Brew tea is not in any case not in ironware, it should be done in porcelain or in the extreme case in the glass. The Chinese are very careful and carefully approaching the choice of dishes, it should be made from a special breathable clay.
  • It is also not an important moment to properly heat the water, namely to bring it to the desired temperature. Water should only be brought to a boil, which means that when small bubbles begin to mass up from the bottom, then you need to remove from the fire. It is important not to over-water otherwise it will destroy most of the nutrients in tea, as well as long boiled water is harmful to the body, but if you do not hold water then the tea will simply not boil.
  • In the teapot with the infusion, pour 2/3 of the water from the volume of the kettle itself. Black leaf tea should be brewed no longer than 5 minutes. If the tea is finely leafy it will be 3-4 minutes. When the tea is boiled, add the hot water to the brim, let stand a minute and serve.

The benefits and harm of black and green tea

Green tea, as already mentioned, practically does not undergo treatment, to produce it, you only need to collect young leaves from the bushes and dry them at the right temperature and suitable conditions. Useful properties of green tea are proved not only by many years of experience, but also by official laboratories.

The use of green tea:

  1. Normalizes digestion and accelerates metabolism
  2. Improves the functioning of the liver, kidneys and intestines
  3. With regular use, teeth and gums are strengthened
  4. In tea, a lot of zinc that helps to strengthen the nails, hair growth, as well as speed up the healing of wounds
  5. Helps fight fatigue
  6. Vitamin P which is present in tea helps strengthen the vessels and makes them more elastic
  7. It reduces the level of sugar in the blood, as well as protects the liver from toxins
  8. In addition to all this, tea is also used in cosmetics in the form of compresses or frozen to wipe the face. The skin becomes tender, healthy and fresh

The benefits of green tea is very great and it can be described very long. Green tea contains many micronutrients that not only benefit our body, but can also cause harm in some cases.

The harm of green tea:

  1. Because of the high content of theophylline, green tea is not recommended for people with increased excitability
  2. It is also worth consuming in large numbers of pregnant women, people who suffer from a stomach ulcer or serious liver disease
  3. In large quantities, green tea flushes iron from the body
  4. It is not necessary to drink during the temperature, since the ingredients include ingredients that only increase it even more. If the tea is properly cooked and has an acceptable temperature, then it will bring only pleasure.

Whatever the harm of green tea, you need to properly prepare it. Brewing green tea practically does not differ from the process of brewing black, only the infusion time of the collet is from 8 to 10 minutes. Dovivat hot water in the teapot with tea leaves can be about three times this does not affect the taste and aroma of tea in any way.

The benefits and harm of black and green tea

How to choose the right tea?
In this we will help a few rules, they apply to all types of tea.

1. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the color of the leaves, it should be uniform, for black tea from brown to black. Green tea can have several shades, but only green, from light to dark.

2. All tea should have almost the same size of leaflets, no matter what kind it is, and they are divided into three:

  • Loose - this is the most popular tea, it is packed in metal or cardboard packages, separate tea leaves with various additives that have differences in the size of the leaf.
  • Pressed - less popular, it's briquettes weighing 2-2.5 kg.
  • Extracted - are tea concentrates, it is a powder or granules that are chemically synthesized, such extracts are used in packaged tea.

3. In quality tea, there should be no foreign inclusions, such as sticks, dust or other debris.

4. Than strong twisted leaves of tea so it's quality, so it will have a rich taste and strength. Also, more twisted tea leaves are easier to store and for a long time it does not lose its taste qualities, and for this reason such tea will give its flavor and taste to the full when brewing.

5. High quality tea should have a moisture content of about 3-6%. Strongly over-dried tea easily turns into a saw if it is rubbed between the fingers, it is not tasty and not useful. And if the humidity is higher than the specified then there is a risk that such tea will become moldy, and this is very dangerous.

6. To choose the right tea, you need to smell it, it should not smell burnt, moldy, metal or something strangers, the smell of a good tea is usually not sharp and has a grassy note.

7. On the packaging of this Chinese tea should be inscribed such a sign China National Tea & Native Product Import & Export Corp, if you see that it is written only Made in China then be sure that such tea never crossed even the borders of this state and the more was not there is produced. With Indian tea is a little more difficult, it is produced by several large companies, so Made in India can guarantee that tea is produced there. But to be sure you are looking for the inscriptions Packed in Sri-Lanka or Davenport and A. Toch, then you can be sure that you have real Ceylon tea.

The benefits and harm of black and green tea

Now you know how to choose the right tea and how to cook it to get the most benefit and pleasure, do not be afraid of this drink, the main thing is to know the measure of use and then every tea drinking will bring only benefit and joy.

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