Interesting facts about potatoes

Potatoes have long been the main place in many kitchens, but many interesting things about it have not been told yet, find out all the fun first

APRIL 08, 2018

Potato has long been the main place in many kitchens, but many interesting things about it have not been told yet. Potatoes are not only delicious and hearty vegetable, but also contains a lot of useful and harmful components, as well as its appearance has an interesting story that must necessarily be read to potato lovers.

1. The first mention of potatoes appeared about 4 thousand years ago, the Peruvian Indians started to grow it in the Andes. Fields with potatoes were above the sea, the height of valleys reached about 3 yew. km. The Indians already at that time brought out about 200 different kinds of potatoes.

2. For the first time this root crop appeared in Europe only at the end of the 18th century. The King of Prussia was very fond of this vegetable, and for this he issued a very cruel decree stating: "that the farmers who refuse to grow potatoes will be severely punished by cutting off the ears and nose."

3. Potatoes reached America only in 1621, having traveled a long way from Spain through Italy and Northern Europe.

4. When there was a period of gold rush in Alaska, potatoes were the staple food, it was very difficult to get, because the sellers enjoyed the occasion and exhibited a very high price. Potatoes have become popular because of their taste, as well as high nutritional value and the vitamin C that was included in it, which was simply necessary for the seekers.

Interesting facts about potatoes

5. About Belarus in the modern world often make jokes, jokes based on the love of potatoes. This is quite justified, because it is this country that for a long time ranks first in the cultivation of potatoes all over the world.

6. Potatoes are 80% water, only some species can contain a smaller amount.

7. Potatoes are mistakenly considered high-calorie, because the very potato of medium size will have only 80 calories, but the oil, which many add during cooking, raises this figure at times. The potato itself helps to remove salts from the body, while accelerating the metabolism.

8. During the preparation of potatoes in a uniform, it retains most of the vitamins and trace elements, rather than prepared in another way. It is always desirable to scrape off the skin, because it accumulates in itself all the pesticides that do not disappear even after prolonged cooking.

9. To reduce the baking time, simply insert a toothpick into each potato or boil in salted water for about 10 minutes after boiling.

10. The potato contains a large amount of starch, which is not fully absorbed by our body and settles on the walls of the vessels. Also, do not consume greenish potatoes, which means that during the growth the sunlight was on the fruit. Solanine is released from the direct influence of light on the potato - it is poisonous, which works as a protection for the plant.

Interesting facts about potatoes

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